It is not an exaggeration to say that today world communicates through Facebook. This is irrespective of the communication being personal or official. It was found by Mark Zuckerberg in the year 2004 initially as a networking website in the Harvard University campus and slowly went much beyond the campus and developed into the most sought after and used social networking media websites. It opened up for the high schools in the year 2005 and from the year 2006 onwards it opened up for the whole world.

Facebook launched a Facebook platform in the year 2007 and this helped the developers to create various applications and these applications helped people send gifts to their friends and family and play games as well. The Facebook connect was launched in the year 2008 and this competed with the other applications called Google friend connect and OpenSocial.

The main features of Facebook are:

• One can have their friends list and also choose the privacy settings according to whom you want to see what on your profile.

• You can upload your pictures and also maintain photo albums. These can be shared with those on your friends list as well.

• You can use the wall to communicate with your friends and also chat with them online.

• There are many groups as well as fan pages in Facebook. You can be a part of such groups to show your support as well as other know that you are a fan of this particular person etc.

• Advanced functionality of the social applications like Vampire wars and Flixster are developed on Facebook.

With the advent of Facebook the way people share their personal information has completely changed. But, for all these the major point is privacy and Facebook have addressed this issue is an excellent way. People sometimes don’t think twice before putting their personal information in Facebook but, the privacy settings of Facebook are good and one need not fear about their privacy.

Privacy Settings: login settings as good privacy settings. The settings can be made so that only those who are in your friends list only can view what ever you posted on it. It can also be set in such a way that each group can view your profile in a different way. One who is your friend would have access to more about when compared to a friend’s friend or someone who is not there in your friend list. login also has a block option through which you can block a person you are interested in being friends with.

Facebook also does not share any of your personal information with others. No third part application runs either to monitor your profile or for any other purpose on Facebook. The applications that run of Facebook are all approved by the company and there are absolutely no unapproved applications. Facebook login clearly says that if you are not comfortable with any of the application better not to click on them.

How to Register for Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media networking website and it allows you to connect with family, friends as well as business colleagues. In order to use Facebook you will need a Facebook login and password to login Facebook. Let us now look at the steps involved in the registration process.

• Open the web browser and type in the address bar.

• One the top of the page there is a sign up button. Click on it and this will take you to the registration form.

facebook login

• The details to be entered are – full name, email is and date of birth. This is very important because if you are below 18 years of age you will be eligible to register.

log in facebook

• Next is to choose a password. It should be a minimum of 6 characters.

• Identify the alpha-numeric given in the security field and enter it as well in the given box.

• Read the terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy and check mark on the boxes next to it giving your agreement for what you read.

• Now click on the button which says sign up now and this will take you to a page which says thank you for joining Facebook.

facebook sign in

• A confirmation email will be sent to the email id with which you registered for Facebook .com login. Click on the link given in the email and confirm the registration for login.

How to Retrieve Facebook Username Log-in and password

It is advisable that you have a different password for every account you have online. But, the disadvantage of this is that you would tend to forget the password. If this has happened with your login Facebook account then, you need not worry as your password can be retrieved. Let us look at how it can be done:

• Open a web browser and type in the address book to go to the Facebook page.

• On the right hand corner of the page you will find a link which says “forgot your password”

• Type you login address in the respective field

• Click on the search button that is at the bottom of the page. This will lead to a security check. Once that is entered, click on the submit button and this will take you to a page which has your login name and picture (if you have it).

• Click on “this is my account”

• Then click on reset password and Facebook will send you a mail to the email which is used to login Facebook. The title of the message would be “you requested a new Facebook password”

• In that message open copy the password reset code and paste it in the password reset code field.

• Next you have to submit the code

• Type your new password and click on change password.

How to contact Facebook?

Facebook has a help center where one can browse and look for solutions for their problems. Once you type in your query Facebook will throw many answers. Some may be relevant and some may not. One has to look for a relevant answer from here. There is no way a person can contact Facebook directly.